Boulder Wins #bestplacetobetoday

Pearl Street - Boulder, CO | It's The Little Things

I wake up to the peaks of the Flatirons, less than a mile west, complementing the Rocky Mountains in the background. I go on runs every day around the beautiful CU Boulder campus. I live in a city with 300 days of sunshine, … Continue reading 

SUP in the Sun

stand up paddle boarding

A beautiful Saturday afternoon meant we were finally going to try out something I have wanted to do for a while now… Stand Up Paddle Boarding! Also known as SUP, it is a great (and fun) full body workout and … Continue reading 

Boulder Hikes

Flatirons | It's The Little Things

Being in Boulder, Colorado we knew we had to take advantage of the countless hiking paths in the area. We decided to start with the nearby Chautauqua Trailhead. Approaching the bottom and getting ready to venture up the Flatirons was exciting and … Continue reading 

5 Places I Crave to See Again and Again

Switzerland | It's The Little Things

Don’t get me wrong, there’s something enticing about traveling to a new place that you have never been to. But sometimes, there are those destinations that you continue to feel drawn to long after you have left. There’s something pulling you … Continue reading 

Craft Beer Overload

Boulder Craft Beer Festival

What better way to spend a Saturday than at the Boulder Craft Beer Festival?! Unlimited samples of craft beers from twenty of Boulder’s best breweries were available, along with live music during the entire event, beer pong, ping pong, and … Continue reading 

Experience the World [Market] Right From Your Couch!

World Market Furniture

If you’ve traveled before, I’m sure you know the feeling you get from those cultural artifacts you pick up along your international journey. There is something so meaningful about an item that is handmade or that serves as an important cultural symbol. So … Continue reading 

Farmer’s Market Mania

farmers market

A busy few days of moving in to our new place and getting settled in meant that visiting the Boulder County Farmer’s Market was the perfect way to spend our first Saturday in Colorado. I am still trying to get … Continue reading 

Our First Delicious Colorado Eats

Avocado Jalapeño Burger

Naturally, one of the first things we did after arriving in Colorado was eat. A lot. With so many new restaurants to try, we just couldn’t pass them all up! Here are some highlights from our Colorado Eats. First up, and … Continue reading